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Over the past ten years, the event lounge has become one of the market leaders in Brussels hosting all kinds of events, thanks to the highly multifunctional character and the all-in-one, tailor-made solutions from which customers can benefit. The decor connects wood, marble and glass in beautiful, modern harmony. The wise choice of colours and the placement of woodwork helps maintain the cosy and warm ambiance.


The Event Lounge has been a household name in the Brussels events world for ten years now. The excellent reputation it has earned is the result of a constant effort to react speedily to changes taking place and also a willingness to provide answers to current ecological challenges facing us all. Event Lounge also wants to ensure that they remain consistent in terms of values: by building sustainable growth for the Event Lounge and demonstrating the ability to organise very large events where integrating ecological challenges.

The world of events often comes under criticism for having a heavy carbon footprint, and organisational shortcomings in waste management and energy are a thorny subject that regularly draws negative attention. For the Event Lounge, sustainability has always been a determining factor in the general management decisions about the complex and during the events.

In 2019, the Event Lounge confirmed this commitment by installing 900 solar panels that are able to generate 50% of the energy required to run the venue and are also able to supply the four charging stations for electric or hybrid vehicles.


The AIR OPS caterer has been awarded by the Ecodynamic Enterprise Label. The environmental impact their catering activities drive them to adopt a highly active environmental approach:

- Promotion of short distribution chains and small producers
- Chef chez Soi is now a partner of La Ferme de Graux. They raise their Angus cows, pick up their eggs, harvest their vegetables.
- Use of Fairtrade products (tea, coffee,...)
- Use of tableware made of recycled Bamboo
- Use of a composting system

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